Stephen Wickizer and Linwood Stevenson have volunteered to replace our present Y/E Coordinators Marvin and Sandy McGraw. We all really appreciate the work Marvin & Sandy have done over the last 4 plus years heading up this position and all the behind the scenes administrative work to make this a suc- cessful program for our youth. They both still plan to be involved as volunteers for future events so theyaren’t leaving us.

Your Board feels that Stephen & Lin will continue to look for ways to improve this program and keep it safe and run like a well oiled machine it has become. Gordon and Karen Meyer when they served as Co- ordinators were very instrumental in running a safe and enjoyable program and Marvin & Sandy took it up another notch during their service and I feel that the Stephen and Linwood team will do the same.

Stephen Wickizer is not new to the Y/E’s program as he has flown over 800 kids. Linwood is new to theY/E program, but he is not new to Aviation. He is a CFI, Tennessee soaring record holder, retired airline and military pilot.

Please contact them with your info to volunteer for our next Y/E event on September 28th at Tellico plains. They need a few more pilots, ground crews, and people to work the desk to register the kids.

Stephen Wickizer email [email protected] phone or text 423-883-3283 Linwood stevenson email [email protected] phone or text 865-300-6244

George Douglas