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Chapter 17 Membership

If you’re interested in joining Chapter 17 for the first time or if you’re renewing your current membership, please select your membership level below to get started. 

Main Group

You may select only one level from this group.

Level Price  
Individual Membership

$25.00 per Year.

Family Membership

$25.00 per Year.

Lifetime Membership

$200.00 now.


Benefits of Chapter 17 Membership

As one of the oldest EAA chapters, we have a long history of sharing our passion and enthusiasm for sport aviation. Whether you’re a pilot, an aircraft builder, or just looking for a lively crowd of other aviation enthusiasts we’d love for you to join us for one of our events.

  • Activities — From fly-outs and fly-ins to pancake breakfasts and special events, enjoy the many opportunities to socialize with your fellow Members.
  • Meetings — Our monthly meetings offer a dynamic collection of workshops, technical discussions, and more.
  • Monthly Newsletter — Each month our newsletter is filled with information on local events, member projects & trips, flying & building tips, and more. 

EAA National Membership

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of EAA membership.  This is especially critical in the current climate of proposed GA user fee increases and other threats to your freedom to fly! For $40 a year for a single membership or $50 a year for family membership, you can add your clout to the battle, as well as get a great magazine each month and lots of other member benefits.  If you are not a current EAA member, please join or renew your membership.

In the words of Vintage Aircraft Association President, Geoff Robison, “Let’s all pull in the same direction for the good of aviation.  Remember, we are better together.  Join us and have it all”