After our president gave his inspirational presentation at the May meeting, the chapter officers met to explore some options for creating a plan to keep our chapter solvent and growing.

Everybody has made some significant insights and we need to make a 5 or 10 year plan.

The primary objective is to keep our chapter solvent another year.

Fund-raising beyond dues.—

Cookout- Requires a facility that we don’t have, and requires lots of volunteers.

FLY IN ? An RV fly in like the Swift Association? We could view theirs and ask questions. We could interview the Beech Talk people who have their annual event at DKX. Weather can break the bank.

A Hangar or Shop. We would all like a hangar, but would need a steady income. Hangars are hard to find and deprives the airport of another airplane. Let me offer a variation on that theme. How about a small commercial building near an airport. A place for meeting that would also allow for a builders area for a fee. A place that more than one builder could use and also provide multiple builders for help and advice. A place beyond the garage or basement.

Expand that to a shop with a compressor and pneumatic equipment. Riveting tools and metal benders. Shop fees would be less than buying tools that may never be used again. We could buy used from former builders.

I once saw a woodworking shop along those lines. Sanders, drill press, plainer and clamps. They had members building boats, canoes and furniture. I thought it would be great for wooden airplane builders too, but they went out of business.