George DouglasThis month has flown by quickly with some of our members attending Sun ’n Fun in Lakeland – and many more of our members volunteering at the very successful Smoky Mountain Air Show. We manned the info tent, signed up several new members and have many Young Eagles in wait for the next event. Now the challenge is scheduling and getting enough planes and pilots lined up to get these kids in the air as soon as possible.

We are far ahead of last year’s recruitment of new members and if we keep it up we will soon outgrow our present facility, but that’s a good problem. With new members comes more experience and more diversity of backgrounds and ideas to share.

May’s meeting I plan to share what I learned at the EAA leadership Boot Camp that I attended a few months ago. A lot of this training deals with growth and running a good chapter, business wise, as well as having fun while learning more about experimental and or certified aircraft and flying in general.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the May meeting for some brainstorming of ideas and or questions that will come up from my leadership presentation.