After many years and many successful Young Eagles events, our team of Gordon and Karen Meyer has asked to step down and let someone else take over.

Gordon and Karen have perfected the YE program and streamlined the process with printed forms and tickets to keep track of the many youngsters and the pilots that flew them. They made each event better than the last and every event was safe, efficient and fun for all participants. In addition, Karen documented the events with pictures of pilots and grinning passengers.

THANK YOU GORDON MEYER AND KAREN MEYER for all your hard work and service to the chapter and the community.

Marvin McGraw flies for Net Jet and has his own airstrip southwest of Knoxville. He and Sandy have hosted our chapter there with a catered lunch while we explored his hangar and airplane projects. His work schedule varies from month to month so scheduling too far in advance is not possible. We look forward to our next Young Eagles event and Thank Marvin and Sandy McGraw for volunteering.

YOUNG EAGLES NOTE: It is reported that our Chapter member Stephen Wickizer has already flown 616 Young Eagles.