Air Show Volunteers


WOW! You folks. . . We . . Us . . . hit a home run for our part of the Airshow! We conducted a very impressive and responsive group effort.

Not only did we provide SMAS the talented aviation folks they wanted, in the numbers they asked for, we adapted to their needs, solved and prevented some problems, and did….in our opinion….a super job.

We have been thanked by top management of both MKAA and TN-ANG. They were most appreciative of our service.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

In the next few days volunteers will get a survey…yes another survey! We want to know what they thought of the air show. We especially want to be able to provide POSITIVE suggestions and feedback to the organizers. They know there were some preventable glitches, and they want to improve . . if they are to do it again.

We also want to know how WE did. We too know we have room to improve, and if we do this again, we will do it even better.

Again…Thank You!

Sam, Tom, and George